Dental Savings Plan

Are you feeling the pressure of the rising cost of dental insurance? Do you need immediate dental service, but aren’t covered by a provider? The Dreamworks Dental Savings Plan can help you with all your financial worries. This savings plan is not an insurance plan, but a savings plan for families up to four and single individuals who need affordable dental options. We care about treating patients so that they can take advantage of quality dental care in order to help them correct and enhance their smiles.  We enjoy making it easier for families to afford advanced dental treatments.

Our Dreamworks Savings Plan can help families, and single individuals save in all major dental work. Under this plan, patients will receive immediate coverage. Coverage starts immediately after one of our leading specialists receives your payment. Patients will receive access to all our dental treatments with any of our expert Irving dentists.

The Dreamworks Single Savings Plan is designed for single individuals starting at a rate of $250. The coverage is for one full year, and single individuals will receive access to all dental services, free teeth whitening once a year, exams, X-Rays, and cleanings twice a year. If you are in need of major dental work, then no worries! Under the Dreamworks Single Savings Plan, you will receive 25% off all major dental work.

We are proud of being a family-focused dental office that wants the best for your smile. Our Dreamworks Family Savings Plan can help families, with up to four members, save a fortune on dental services. The family plan costs $500 to start and applies to families of two adults and two children or one adult and three children. The coverage is good for one full year and families will receive access to all of our dental services. Families will also receive check-ups and exams, X-Rays, cleanings twice a year, and free teeth whitening once a year, and 25% off on all major dental work.