Mustangs of Los Colinas, Irving, TX

A brilliant, life-size masterpiece of 9 bronze mustangs. This is the largest sculpture in the world of equestrians. This realistic art was created by artist Robert Glen, an African wildlife specialty artist and was installed in 1984 in the Williams Square Plaza. This sculpture was intended to re-create the look of the mustangs galloping across a prairie stream and bring a sense of free spiritedness in the heart of Irving, Texas. Since 1984, this has become one of the most need-to-see attractions of North Texas.

Next to the sculpture is an exhibit for the mustangs where you can see this art come to life over a period of 8 years. This exhibit shows a short film where you can see Robert Glen at work and all the details that went into designing and building his masterpiece. He has other pieces of work that can also be seen inside the exhibit all free of charge.